Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Darwin Botanical Gardens

We had an extra-long weekend to Darwin so we could experience the 'real' Wet season. The botanical gardens was an unexpected highlight. Eva's cafe in a cute tiny church served up delicious coffee and food, and the Children's Garden next door was such a lovely natural space that E had all to herself. She was so happy to sit and sprinkle gravel, touch grasses, pull apart leaves and explore the shallow waterway. I took it as an opportunity to pick up the GF-1 and get snapping again.

Life swap: gentlefolk interview over at What Larks Pip

Here's to 2015 and to kicking off this space again! My gorgeous and well-missed friend Helen has posted an interview about our couple of months on the road back when our little bird was actually little. Head over to What Larks Pip for more...