Monday, April 6, 2015

Holidays. Or, where we tag along again.

These days (ie. these days when we live so far from everyone) all our trips seem to be based around some course or meeting or workshop that Gav has to fly to for work. The little bird and I are official tag-alongs. This last trip was based around Sydney. There was some family catch up times and some holiday making as well. It was most well timed with my need to get out of the heat. Alas, we are back and it is still hot (of course). Nevermind.

And little E, the well travelled child. She is now walking and socialising on planes and at airports like there is no tomorrow. She hunches over, straightens her arm out, gives a little wave and says 'hi', expectantly hoping that someone will respond. I've been trying to break it to her that sometimes it's better to make some eye contact first...

These are the places we visited:

 The view from Umina Beach, Central Coast.

Our cosy and most excellent stay in the Blue Mountains.

A brief stint of city living in good old Newtown.

A final stay at Stanwell Park, nestled between beach and forest.

I might even write a bit more about things...!

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