Friday, February 13, 2015

Déjà vu, of sorts

It's not much really, 24 hours, but we do miss the husband/daddy man when he is away. 

Sometimes Gav has to go flying to other places for work. It sometimes also means getting stuck at that place overnight. For all of the on-call he has done in the last 18 months there has been surprisingly few trips like these. One trip happened two weeks after E was born. I was just a teeny bit emotional (ahem...). A friend brought over dinner and E thoughtfully slept through the entire night. Meanwhile, Gav went and had dinner at his friend's place in Darwin and came home to us the next day. 

Almost exactly one year later and déjà vu struck. Well, kind of. For him it was the same town and same friend's place for dinner. For us, however, there was the absence of a friend bringing dinner (but we did had freezer leftovers - yessss!), no sign of a solid night's sleep (that early one was a once-only, never-to-repeated event), and a lack of tears on my part (thankfully).

Now he is back home, on days off, and taking baby duty so I can get rid of the bags under my eyes. BUT I CAN'T SLEEP. I've tried chammomile tea, lavender oil, massaging my temples, deep breathing and yoga inspired neck rolling. And now I feel hungry... SOMEBODY, PLEASE SEND THE SLEEP FAIRIES, ON THE DOUBLE!! 

(The above photo was taken at our park while Gav was away. She's trying to find some fun. Next time I'll stay a bit closer to her so I can monitor the proximity of bird poo once she has climbs up on the bricks and starts crawling along them...) 


  1. Can you fall asleep in movies? I choose an old faithful (it has to be one I know well, so I don't have to pay attention, and it has to be one with just the right sleepy feel: 'Once', 'Lost in Translation', 'Before Sunrise'), put it on repeat and put the volume very, very, very low. It's the only thing that works for me!

  2. Thank you, Di! I will definitely keep this tip handy. I think I'll download Before Sunrise in anticipation. Thankfully, sleep has come after a couple of days.