Monday, February 9, 2015

STILLS : the week that was

1 :: Saturday afternoon Kubb at the beach. Throwing bits of wood at bits of wood is quite fun actually (there's a diy over on design sponge if you're so inclined!). Meanwhile our little beach bird was ecstatic to have a tennis ball in hand, endless sand and many dogs to watch running about.

2 :: We went hunting in the kitchen for my mojo as well as ways to be in the kitchen with this one year old. We opened the week with re-instating the bumbo, we closed the week with free sitting on the bench stabbing a wooden toddler knife into a slice of zucchini. She digs the inclusiveness, she grew to hate the bumbo. We opened the week with simple frittatas and healthy biscuits, we closed the week with a soft taco feast for 8 and rasberry brownies...

3 :: My ever-patient child with a sneakily "borrowed" toy in hand. We have been driving back and forth down the road several times this week to allow potential buyers to view a friend's couch.

4 :: I left the house ON MY OWN. And not just to get groceries. I finally went along to the Incredible Edible Broome Initiative's swap/share (ok, so kind of to get groceries). It was wonderful. And amazing to see what people are growing in our hot, humid, hot, dry, hot, hot, hot 'wet' season environment. And I met someone who lives on my street! Such a great neighborhood. In this pic: chillies, pink grapefruit, kankun (or water spinach), seeds, star fruit. Not in this pic: the Incredible advice and suggestions I received about growing a garden here. 

5 :: This is us, walking in our park, chasing dogs after a swim at our neighbour's pool while they're away. This is us, really hoping to stay in this little neighborhood. There is a prospective buyer for our rental that wants to 'nest, not invest'. Such is life! 

Back before I deleted my old posts and decided this space was due for a fresh start, I would participate in an online collective of weekly stills. This doesn't really exist anymore but the urge to pause and look back on the week via snaps on my phone is still there. My wonder-friend, Helen (who I miss too much and hope to see soon) has continued on with her STILLS also. She lives on the other side of our very large and extremely vast country so it's nice to connect in this little way and see what went on over in my old town this week with her cute family, ace styles, more-than-three op shops and other excellent things that I'm not there to partake in (wahh!). So, each week I'll be linking over to What Larks Pip for Helen's week in the life.

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